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Medication Administration

If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school, the following steps must be followed:

  • A written order from the physician must be obtained which includes the student's name, medication, dosage and time to be given at school.
  • Permission must be given in writing by you, the parent/guardian, in order for the medication to be given at school.
  • The medication must be delivered to the school in its original pharmacy container, properly identified with the student's name, date prescribed, name of medication, dosage and instructions for administering.
  • The medication must be kept in the health office in a locked cabinet.

School personnel may not dispense any medications including over-the-counter medications, unless the above conditions have been met.

Some conditions may necessitate that a child carry and self-administer his/her medication.  Examples would be an inhaler for severe asthma or an Epi-pen for serious bee sting allergies.  Ritalin, anti-seizure drugs and antibiotics are examples of non-emergency medications.  If you believe your child has potential emergency health needs, please consult with the school nurse to develop an emergency care plan.

These policies and procedures are necessary to insure the health and safety of the entire student body.  We appreciate your cooperation and compliance.

Attention Athletes

Please submit your physical/sport card yearly.  Physicals are valid for one year. Interval health histories (pink forms) must be submitted before each sport season.

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