Due to the large number of students who typically remain on campus after school and utilize District transportation, it has become necessary for us to reinstitute our pre-COVID after-school procedures. This will enable us to provide better supervision and ensure a safe environment.

Please note the following:

  • Only students who have a legitimate purpose to be on school property after the instructional day will be permitted to remain in the building and in a supervised location. Legitimate purposes include participating in an extra-curricular activity (clubs & athletics), homework help, the learning center, and detention.
  • Students attending clubs, homework help, library/learning center, and detention must go directly to the designated classroom, and must report by 2:45 P.M.  Students who arrive late may lose their privilege of staying after school. Students must remain supervised at the location of their activity until 4:10. They will be provided with a late bus pass by the supervising adult.
  • Student-athletes who are scheduled to participate in an immediate event (I.e., practice/game) must report to the event’s location by 2:45 P.M. (or earlier per their coach’s directive).  If their event starts later, they must either go home and return later for the scheduled event, or go to a designated supervised classroom. The location of this room will typically be room 121C/D, but this may change. Student athletes will be provided with a long-term late bus pass for the sports season in which they are participating.
  • Students who wish to remain after school to attend a school-sponsored event must proceed to the event immediately. If the event starts later than 3 P.M., the students must go to the supervised classroom and be present by 2:45 P.M. These students will take a late bus home and will be issued a pass upon leaving the event.
  • Students are not permitted to cross Route 28. Food and snacks will be available right after school in the cafeteria.