The President’s Challenge Scholarship (PCS) assists first-generation Ulster County students with overcoming financial barriers associated with attending college. Students are identified in eighth grade by their sponsoring school district and receive guidance counseling and mentoring through the completion of high school. Once students graduate, they are able to attend SUNY Ulster tuition-free for two years! 

 To be considered, students must complete an online application by May 31 which includes a short essay, and if selected by the school district, participate in a brief interview. Five candidates are then selected from each middle school and are typically presented their scholarships at the Awards/Moving-Up Ceremony. Once in high school, PCS students visit the SUNY Ulster Campus twice per year and have mentors at both the high school and the College. After high school graduation, students are able to attend SUNY Ulster tuition-free for two years!

To learn more about the program, please see the attached PCS Program Info Sheet or view the PCS Program video by clicking here. To access your school district's PCS Application, click on the link below.


For more information, contact PCS Program Coordinator Nancy Clarke by phone at 845.688.1927 or by email at clarken@sunyulster.edu